Amy Russell-Coutts

My expertise in writing and research gets to the heart of what matters to my clients, fulfilling their goals with attention to detail, clear organization, and a strong voice.


About Me

From as far back as my memory goes, I have loved words, the stories of people's lives, and the power of language.

Though I grew up in Saskatchewan, I long ago moved to British Columbia, earning a Master's in English at Simon Fraser University. Since then I've done work for a wide variety of clients, building a portfolio which includes ghostwriting memoirs, speech writing, book editing, research, and more. 

As a capable intensive researcher and writer I am eager to take on any project and craft material a client and I can both be proud of, be it promotional, creative or educational.

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What I offer

Areas of Experience

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Creative Solutions

The last few years I've worked on a range of small to large-scale projects, from web content to ghostwritten memoirs to inspirational business books. Working closely with clients to assess their needs in order to craft effective, engaging and interesting material is a top priority for me. I'm comfortable writing about:

  • Childhood, adulthood & aging

  • Entreprenurial enterprises

  • Historical biographies

  • Ghostwriting fiction & non-fiction

  • Business texts

Investigative Research

I have skillfully researched and woven together information from a diversity of credible sources, about topics such as:

  • Educational outcomes

  • A global overview of indigenous culture and well-being

  • Organizational behavior and management

  • (In)equality in careers

  • Mental health

  • Gender and Identity

  • and more...


Experienced in research and writing about all levels of education, I've produced informational material on a range of topics, including:

  • Diversity and inclusion

  • Indigenous education

  • Equity

  • Life skills/21st century skills

  • Mental wellness

  • and more...


I'm ready to take on your writing and/or research needs!

Thank you for spending time getting to know me, and what I can offer you. I'd love to speak with you to discuss how my writing can make your project exceed your expectations!

Delta, BC, Canada


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