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Amy Russell-Coutts

Freelance Writer/Researcher

My expertise in research and writing aims to get to the heart of what matters to my clients, and to faithfully represent their wishes with attention to detail, clear organization, a strong voice, and thorough examination.


About Me

From as far back as my memory goes, I have loved words, the stories of people's lives, and the power of language.

I earned a Master's in English at Simon Fraser University, and have since done work for varied clients and built a portfolio which includes academic research, speech writing, book editing, ghostwriting and more. 

As a capable intensive researcher and writer I am eager to take on any project and craft material a client and I can both be proud of, be it creative or academic.


My Research and Writing

Areas of Experience


Experienced in research and writing about all levels of education, I have been especially intrigued by topics such as:

  • Well-being

  • 21st Century Skills

  • Equity

  • Inclusion

  • Life Skills

  • Mental Wellness

  • and more...

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Investigative Research

By delving into research opportunities, I have skillfully woven together information from a diversity of sources, about topics such as:

  • Educational outcomes

  • A global overview of indigenous culture and well-being

  • Organizational behavior and management

  • Media strategies

  • Mental health

  • Gender and Identity

  • and more...

Creative Solutions

Language has the capacity to delight and engage. Being creative - the ability to reflect a unique voice or to describe the beauty or performance of a great product - is thrilling for me. Other areas of creative writing I'm skilled in include:

  • Memoir writing

  • Web content

  • Product description

  • Speeches or presentations

  • Inspirational pieces

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I'm ready to take on your writing and/or research needs!

Thank you for spending time getting to know me, and what I can offer you. Please contact me for further information to discuss your project or interest. Call me today to discuss how I can make your project exceed your expectations!

Delta, BC, Canada


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