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Amy Russell-Coutts

Freelance Writer

My expertise in research and writing aims to get to the heart of what matters to a client, and to faithfully represent his or her wishes with attention to detail, clear organization, and thorough examination.


A Little About Me

From as far back as my memory goes, I have loved words, the stories of people's lives, and the power of language.

I earned a Master's in English at Simon Fraser University, and have since done work for varied clients and built a portfolio which includes academic research, speech writing and web content. 

As a capable intensive researcher and writer I am eager to take on any project and craft material a client and I can both be proud of, be it creative or academic.


My Research and Writing

Areas of Experience


Experienced in research and writing about all levels of education, I have been especially intrigued by topics such as:

  • Well-being

  • 21st Century Skills

  • Equity

  • Inclusion

  • Life Skills

  • Mental Wellness

  • and more...

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Investigative Research

By delving into research opportunities, I have skillfully woven together information from a diversity of sources, about topics such as:

  • Educational outcomes

  • A global overview of indigenous culture and well-being

  • Organizational behavior and management

  • Media strategies

  • Mental health

  • Gender and Identity

  • and more...

Creative Solutions

A perhaps less marketable, but not less important, component of my skill set is creative - a desire to apply a unique voice and intense love of story to projects. Capable of collaboration or solo work, my areas of artistic interest include:​

  • Memoir writing

  • Web content

  • Product description

  • Speeches or presentations

  • Inspirational pieces

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Delta, BC, Canada


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