Amy Russell-Coutts

Career Details

Freelance Writer / Researcher

I have worked for various clients to produce exceptional supporting research and writing, in the form of articles, academic research, and chapter prose. I have also written speeches and speech outlines and supporting material. I have worked for some time as a freelance ghostwriter for the memoir company StoryTerrace.

Contract Writer

As a contract writer, I produced articulate, clean samples for WikiHow. Topics ranged from writing story outlines, resumes, and social media posts to tips for studying for exams, how to write essays, and more.

College English Instructor

Over the course of four years, I taught many academic writing and intro to fiction courses at Alexander College (Vancouver, BC). I generated my own course material and curriculum, lectured, and facilitated student learning.

Tutor Marker / Contract Marker

As a tutor marker, I facilitated online learning and marked university English papers for various professors at Simon Fraser University and Douglas College (BC).

Research Assistant

As a graduate student at SFU, I collected and collated researched material for Dr. Diana Solomon. I also performed various administrative tasks to support her academic work.


  • Highly efficient, thorough, detail-oriented

  • 100 wpm typing speed

  • Word/Excel/Google Docs proficient

  • Knowledge of business writing, and various academic and research formats 

  • Use integrity with respect to quality research and documentation

  • Very capable using various voices and styles

  • Problem solver

Feel free to contact me for more information regarding my academic, research and career experiences.