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Three Ways to Tell Your Life Story

September 21, 2023

"Whatever method you employ when writing your memoir, it will no doubt be a journey back through time. You will experience greeting old friends and family, while you simultaneously confront, seek to understand, and ultimately retell past stories in a new form. When you write your memoir, you are telling your truth. It will be a subjective and at times challenging story to tell, but it can be one you are proud to pass on and share with readers. Now, go: put pen to paper and begin your journey down memory lane."

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How to Write Nonfiction Book Chapters

January 25, 2024

"Writing nonfiction book chapters is akin to embarking on a lengthy road trip. You’re in for a smoother ride if you anticipate your route prior to departure. Planning a trip can be an overwhelming task when approached as a whole; similarly, when you first approach writing a nonfiction book, imagining it as a freshly minted whole likely feels like a monumental, unnerving task. Luckily, writing nonfiction chapters, like plotting the stops on a lengthy car trip, is possible — once you make a clear plan. Assemble your chapters, and you have a complete book!"

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